The Wounded Marine Fund Charity Golf Tournament

Linda Gandy of posted a tournament to our site last week that got my attention, and as I started asking question, she put me in touch with the Co-Founder of the Wounded Marine Fund. Tweed Fox, father of CPL Michael FOX USMC who came back from his service a different man. I would like to share our conversation with you.

The Wounded Marine Golf tournament

October 13th at the La Costa Resort and Spa

More info-

18for4- Can You tell me a little about the Wounded Marine Fund?

Tweed- The Wounded Marine Fund aids selected Wounded Marine Amputees, returning from our War on Terror (Afghanistan/Iraq/? in the future). The Fund provides financial aid in the form of a Trust for beneficiaries, that can be drawn from throughout their lifetime or until the trust has been depleted. As long as the purpose of the purpose of the withdrawal has to do with helping the beneficiary regain his/her independence, the funds would be tax free to the beneficiary. The Fund was created during a meeting to raise funds for Cpl Michael Fox (double amputee), my son. During the meeting, he told me he didn’t need all this, referring to the fundraising goal and he would like to help some of his boys. The light went on in my head and we were off to the races.

18for4- Michael sounds like a very unselfish man with what he has sacrificed to want to help his fellow Marines.

Tweed- Michael is the first beneficiary, since we were originally doing fundraising strictly for his benefit. Now that we have become “The Wounded Marine Fund,” as the result of Michael’s wishes, we plan to add 6 more beneficiaries by the end of the year, that will share in the success of our fundraising efforts.

18for4- There are several Local celebrities playing already in the tournament, How did you get so many big names involved for your first tournament?

Tweed- I have been personal friends with Willie Buchanon for nearly 20 years. He called me when he learned of what happened to Michael and offered me his support. When I told him a couple months later that we would be putting on a Celebrity Poker Tournament and a Celebrity Golf Tournament, he told me not to worry about getting Celebrities, he would make sure I would have all that I needed.

18for4- What is the future of the Wounded Marine Fund, and how can others help support if they can’t play golf?

Tweed- Unfortunately, there seems as though there will always be a need for the kind of support “The Wounded Marine Fund” can and will be providing. Besides San Diego, we plan on opening up Chapters in Texas and Maryland. These are normally the choices given these young heroes for their Physical Therapy and the implementation of their prosthetics. Should anyone want to help us “Help Heroes Heal” we urge them to visit our website @ where they can register for any of our events, make donations, or volunteer. If they have any questions to be answered, I can be reached directly @ 1-855-our-wounded (1-855-687-9686)

18for4- Is there anything else you would like the public to know?

Tweed- What the public doesn’t realize is just how many of these young heroes there are. They just don’t get the exposure they should be getting. More than 2,000 of these Sons and Daughters of ours have returned from Afghanistan alone, as multiple amputees. They have paid a heavy price for our freedom and deserve better. We would ask that you support our two upcoming Fundraisers. The first fundraiser is a Celebrity Poker and Casino night on 10/12/12 @6 pm at the world famous La Costa Resort and Spa. The second is our Celebrity Golf Tournament on 10/13/12 at 9 am at the same venue. Please visit our website @ and then on to our events page for links to register for these events. Like our page ” ” these are going to be world class events, and on behalf of “The Wounded Marine Fund” we would like to thank you for caring.


@18for4, we hope you will all share this blog with your friends to help support this cause.

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