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18for4.com A new Season for Charity Golf Tournaments


It is a new season of golf in the U.S., Tiger and Phil have already won tournaments in great fashion, but this is for the rest of us that play on a regular basis. Us Everyday golfers who will never be on TV, but still keep playing for the love of the game.

This is also for those golfers out there who enjoy “Charity Golf Tournaments”. That time when we play in a 4 man scramble format and we get to post an under par score. The score in not the best part of these local events because no matter how good or bad you played in a tournament, you feel good that you had a chance to play your favorite game with other like minded golfers in support of your community or your favorite charity. You know “Your Game Gives Back”!

I would like to take this opportunity to explain more about what 18for4 is doing, and what we hope to accomplish this year. By our calculations there are around 150,000 charity golf tournaments happening annually across the U.S., and a large percentage of them are struggling to find golfers in their community to participate due to the current economy. We also feel that there are people who don’t participate for the simple fact, they don’t know about these tournaments. We can’t tell you how many time we found out about a charity golf tournament from a friend who already played in the event by which time it had already happened and was too late for us to participate.

18for4 is working to fix this problem on the internet. We are a 100% FREE nonprofit “Listing – Finding- Sharing” site is dedicated to help any charity golf tournament in the U.S. who would like the support of the golfers in their community.

Listing- We have created and easy to use listing process. Similar to a Craig’s List post, a tournament will simply create a user name and password. From there a verifying email will be sent to the user from where they simply log back into site and fill out an easy to form to let everyone know about their event. This is not just a time and date registration this is everything you want to tell the public about your event and the charity this tournament supports. To make this the best listing site ever, we also added other FREE features that no one else is doing.

  • Upload a tournament Logo
  • Upload your Title sponsors Logo
  • Upload up to 20 additional sponsors logos
  • Tournament organizers contact information
  • Links to the charity’s website or link to online registration pages

Our hope is that a complete tournament listing will encourage golfers to contact the organizers of these events with out being asked and want to participate. In addition, we wanted sponsors to be recognized for their roll in these tournaments and their donations with more than just a sign in a Tee box that no one really pays attention too. Its not just the golfer that has been affected by this economy, but those important sponsors as well.

Finding- This solves the problem “Word Search” engines like Google and Bing have when a golfer is trying to find an event. The words “Charity-Golf-Tournament” are hardly ever used in the titles of these events. Searching these key words gets you everything else BUT a charity golf tournament as most of you already know.

We have made listings searchable by “LOCATION”. No log in or membership required, simply go to 18for4, click on search, enter your zip code and how far you would like to travel. That simple. All tournaments listed in that search radius will appear in a dated format listing only upcoming tournaments.

Sharing- Social networking has become a part of every day life as a way to communicate with friends. Every tournament listing has social network plug ins so as golfers are finding tournaments on site, they can also share the tournaments that interest them and they want to support to their Face Book, Twitter, Google+ and so on friends. So even if someone has never heard of 18for4 and knows about us, the word about an upcoming event will not go unnoticed. We hope golfers will follow these links back to tournaments to find out all the details of an event, sign up and participate, and share the listing again.

This beers repeating, 18for4 is a FREE public service. We realize that the word FREE on the internet means something else and free sites always have some kind of gimmick or premium service they charge for. This is not the case with 18for4. We love the game of golf and we love giving back to the community. This is our way of “Giving Back” and we know there are other golfers out there who share our same passions.

I hope you will share this Blog to your social networks and hope to see you on the golf course soon.

Thank you

Darren McKnight

President 18for4.com