Giving Tournament Sponsors the Return on Investment

As many tournament organizers are aware, getting businesses both large and small to sponsor a charity golf tournament can be difficult.  With today’s economy, many sponsors are holding back their donation dollars; along with quite a few charities reaching out to these companies the competition is fierce for donations.

But there are still dollars available and many charities have figured out how to get these dollars successfully, but how?  Businesses of all sizes are looking for ROI (return on investment).  Yes they receive valuable community accolades but it does boil down to what their return is.

So how do you justify a return to sell the businesses?

Here are a few tips to creating a valuable sponsorship package to help get dollars:

1.    Put the company name in the event title
As you do much of your outside marketing both in traditional media and web media, having the company name in the title of the tournament will greatly enhance the company’s exposure.  For example, instead of the charity tournament being called “10th Annual Charity Golf Tournament”, for the premier sponsor the tournament could  be called “Company Invitational Charity Golf Tournament”.

2.    Give them a table display at your tournament
Allow sponsors to put up a booth or table at the charity golf tournament, preferably where the golfers check-in.  The sponsors will be able to give out free promotional products and/or information to the golfers as they check-in to the tournament.

3.    Put the company logo on all merchandise
Most charity golf tournaments give polo shirts to the golfers along with gift bags with a variety of promotional material.  Offer the company’s the chance to put their logo on all the marketing material that you plan on giving out at tournaments.

4.    Let company representatives play with customers
Offering a free foursome to the sponsor will allow them to not only enjoy a round of golf, but will give them the ability to offer current customers or potential customers a round of golf with key company representatives.  A day on the golf course is a great chance to build key business relationships!

Here are just a few more quick options to entice businesses to sponsor:

•    Put a logo of the sponsor on your website and link it to their website
•    Hand out brochures or coupons from the company at the charity golf tournament
•    Split the cost of advertising in the media with the sponsor
•    Promote the business on popular social media outlets Facebook and Twitter
•    Email blasts to your database noting the key sponsors
If you have any ideas that have helped your charity golf tournament successfully pitch sponsors or have any questions, please reach out to us!

Happy Golfing from the 18for4 Team!

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