Are Your Golfers Entertained?

Phew!! We apologize its been so long since we last entered a blog!  Things have been hectic in the summer months!

Nevertheless, we have played in a few local charity golf tournaments over the last few months and got to discussing whether the entertainment value of the tournament was worthwhile or not.  Some tournaments were an absolute blast and others were just ok.  But the one’s that were a blast we’re already prepared to sign-up for again!

Here are the list of items in order that we have found to be the most fun:

1.  Themed Golf Tournament:  While golf attire is usually standard quo at most tournaments, there is nothing more entertaining than dressing up in some fun clothes or costumes and having an entertaining round of golf!  Not only is it a change in the standard golf game, but the laughs and pictures that came with an awesome theme will give your charity golf tournament an edge in future tournaments.  In one case,I got word of a golf tournament that was Star Wars themed, while I can’t imagine dressing up and golfing in a theme such as this, it would have been an awesome experience to see!  Here are just a few themes to lighten the mood:  Hawaiian Theme, Prepster Theme, Beach Theme, Rockstar Theme, Sports Jersey Theme.   Think outside the box and it could give your tournament an edge in creating a fun experience that others will want to be a part of next year!

2.  Music:  Now golf has often been considered the gentleman’s sport, you must be deadly silent while someone shoots!  But it doesn’t have to be this way!  Having live entertainment on the course can create a fun environment and lively experience.  Perhaps you have a few DJs spread out throughout the course providing live entertainment, or you have a local band or singer provide a show at the end of the day (or at the banquet).  This is far different than the usual after the tournament banquet with a speaker just simply saying thanks and we hope you had fun.

3.  Local Celebrities:  In any part of the country there are local celebrities that people just love being around.  Often tournament directors are nervous to reach out to these various people simply because they think they will cost loads of money for an appearance.  You never know unless you ask!  We’ve found that here in San Diego, for example, that local celebrities would be more than happy to show up and visit with the golfers.  Usually they love the fact that they get a free round of golf with their friends!  I’ve seen and met a wide variety of ex-pro football and baseball players that have cemented themselves in the local community’s memory.  Other types of well known people to invite could be newscasters, popular business professionals, local politicians, or even chefs (just to name a few).

4.  Photographer / Videographer:  Moving along with point #3 above, having a photographer and videographer at the event to capture the event is entertaining.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the opportunity to take a picture and didn’t have a camera anywhere around.  When golfers know that they will be able to have pictures and videos of the event afterwards, they will share these memories on popular social media outlets that will only increase your exposure!  Be careful! If you do bring a photographer, make sure that the pictures are posted up in a timely manner and that golfers know where they can find them.  Example:  I got a picture with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at a charity tournament, and after bragging to my friends about it and searching for the picture for months, no one believes me now!  The charity said they never received the pictures from the photographer, what a waste for the entire tournament!

5.  Promos on the Holes:  While its nothing new to have promotional companies on various holes promoting liquor, cigars, music, restaurants, etc, let the promo companies know that they can put up games for the golfers to win various items!

Here are just a few more ideas to make your tournament entertaining:

  • Magicians
  • Long Drive Specialists
  • Chances to Win Lots of Prizes

To wrap up, don’t just have another tournament that goes through the motions.  Create an entertaining experience and we can guarantee that you will already have golfers ready to sign up for next year’s event!

If you did something awesome for your tournament that we didn’t mention, please let me know!  I’d love to share the experience with other tournament directors!

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Happy Golfing from the 18for4 Team

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