Our first 19th hole fundraiser meet and greet

17 April, 10:27, by Darren

Last Tuesday, April 9th we had our first fundraising event at our 19th hole, the Elbow Room in Kearny Mesa San Diego. It was more of a meet and greet as we got to introduce and explain in person what 18for4 is and what our future plans are. Had a chance to shake hands and actually put a face to people I have met online while doing this site.

Michael Fox (pic), founder of The Wounded Marine Fund was in attendance with as we listen to music performed by the local musician Jessica Hull off her new album “Second Wind”. There are still a lot of people who don’t know what The Wounded Marine Fund is doing. This was a great chance for them to meet active duty and veteran Marines since the Elbow Room is located within a couple miles of the Mira Mar Marine Air Base. I have to say thank you to the owners of the bar for donating all the food for the event. Plenty of great food for everyone as we put a giant wine glass in the middle of the buffet and took donations that went directly to The Wounded Marine Fund at the end of the night. Everyone pitched in towards their fund.

We had some fun selling raffle tickets for some prizes donated by a few of our partners. A very happy winner walked off with what is my new favorite putter. (pic Right)

They are a new company, only a couple years old, but I don’t know why nobody else has made a putter like this before that fits my style of play. I am probably in too much of a hurry on the greens when lining up my puts. This large visual aid is taking strokes off my game as I set up behind the putter instead of the other way around.

I met the owner of the company through a friend who runs the site My Golf Buddy and have been trading emails with Dara in Australia ever since. Very good people.

She shared the story with me about a Texas veteran, Timothy Gaestel, who was injured in Iraq by shrapnel in his lower back. Golf became part of his recovery and physical therapy where he was giving golf clinics to Jr. High School kids. At one of these clinics his clubs were stolen out of his truck, a local fellow veteran donated a set of clubs to him, but what couldn’t be replaced was the putter that Tim’s dad had given him. Dara heard about this and gave him one of her Point-n-Putt putters to try out. While not his Dad’s putter, Tim’s game had been stuck at 90, but since he started using the putter he is consistently in the low 80′s.

I have one of these putters in my bag now and am hoping for the same results.

I hope everyone out there is signing up to play in Charity Golf Tournaments in your areas.

Thank you


A company giving back.

I had a chance to be involved at Golf Fest over St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Rancho Bernardo. Made a lot of connections and met new fans of 18for4 who like what we are doing for charity golf tournaments. I also became a fan of a new company and what the owner’s are doing for charity in the U.S.

Dave and Janek are the owners of the company Bugle Tee that has been in the U.S. market for a couple years now. It is virtually indestructible on the golf course. I sure if you put your mind to it you could find a way, but it would take more than a golf club. Made out of the same plastic that is used on the bottom of snow plow shovels, they have a preset depth stopper so your ball is set at the same height off the ground every time you tee up.

The thought of never having to spend money on another tee for the rest of my golfing life was not what made me a fan. They give back to charity with every tee they sell, and let their customers choose the charity. Their tees come in 8 different colors representing different U.S. charity organizations. A couple examples a yellow tee supports our troops, a pink tee sales go towards breast cancer, and a red ones help help out heart decease research. You can also find them for sale at your local PGA Tour Superstore where there are white tees available and funds are donated to The First Tee.


Thank you for reading and please, Find a charity golf tournament in your area and play some golf.


We have an official 19th Hole!

Yes, Its official! We have our own 19th Hole in San Diego!

The Elbow Room located in San Diego has been open a little over a year now, but I have known one of the partners for over 15 years now. When I told him about our efforts at 18for4 to bring more golfers to every charity golf tournament across the nation they were instant fans. Being golfers themselves they participate in several tournaments a year that support the military and other charitable foundations in the community. They have seen the decline in attendance at tournaments over the past few years and would like to support our efforts.

We at 18for4 are very happy to have a 19th hole we can call home. Especially since the food is great and there is a beautiful out door patio with TV’s tuned to the PGA tournament finals every Sunday along with any other sporting event that is being televised. A great place to have our comity meetings on the weekends. With the drinks only costing $2.00 until 6pm Saturdays and Sundays we get to save our money for what is important, Golf.

I am going to thank them in advance, the Elbow Room is donating his bar along with a complete buffet for our first fundraising event Tuesday April 9th. We are setting up live music and free food for all attendees that night starting at 8:30 in the evening. We will be taking donations and selling raffle tickets to win from a bunch of prizes. We can’t wait to start taking our military golfers out to play in local charity golf tournaments in San Diego. We hope to see you there.


18for4.com A new Season for Charity Golf Tournaments


It is a new season of golf in the U.S., Tiger and Phil have already won tournaments in great fashion, but this is for the rest of us that play on a regular basis. Us Everyday golfers who will never be on TV, but still keep playing for the love of the game.

This is also for those golfers out there who enjoy “Charity Golf Tournaments”. That time when we play in a 4 man scramble format and we get to post an under par score. The score in not the best part of these local events because no matter how good or bad you played in a tournament, you feel good that you had a chance to play your favorite game with other like minded golfers in support of your community or your favorite charity. You know “Your Game Gives Back”!

I would like to take this opportunity to explain more about what 18for4 is doing, and what we hope to accomplish this year. By our calculations there are around 150,000 charity golf tournaments happening annually across the U.S., and a large percentage of them are struggling to find golfers in their community to participate due to the current economy. We also feel that there are people who don’t participate for the simple fact, they don’t know about these tournaments. We can’t tell you how many time we found out about a charity golf tournament from a friend who already played in the event by which time it had already happened and was too late for us to participate.

18for4 is working to fix this problem on the internet. We are a 100% FREE nonprofit “Listing – Finding- Sharing” site is dedicated to help any charity golf tournament in the U.S. who would like the support of the golfers in their community.

Listing- We have created and easy to use listing process. Similar to a Craig’s List post, a tournament will simply create a user name and password. From there a verifying email will be sent to the user from where they simply log back into site and fill out an easy to form to let everyone know about their event. This is not just a time and date registration this is everything you want to tell the public about your event and the charity this tournament supports. To make this the best listing site ever, we also added other FREE features that no one else is doing.

  • Upload a tournament Logo
  • Upload your Title sponsors Logo
  • Upload up to 20 additional sponsors logos
  • Tournament organizers contact information
  • Links to the charity’s website or link to online registration pages

Our hope is that a complete tournament listing will encourage golfers to contact the organizers of these events with out being asked and want to participate. In addition, we wanted sponsors to be recognized for their roll in these tournaments and their donations with more than just a sign in a Tee box that no one really pays attention too. Its not just the golfer that has been affected by this economy, but those important sponsors as well.

Finding- This solves the problem “Word Search” engines like Google and Bing have when a golfer is trying to find an event. The words “Charity-Golf-Tournament” are hardly ever used in the titles of these events. Searching these key words gets you everything else BUT a charity golf tournament as most of you already know.

We have made listings searchable by “LOCATION”. No log in or membership required, simply go to 18for4, click on search, enter your zip code and how far you would like to travel. That simple. All tournaments listed in that search radius will appear in a dated format listing only upcoming tournaments.

Sharing- Social networking has become a part of every day life as a way to communicate with friends. Every tournament listing has social network plug ins so as golfers are finding tournaments on site, they can also share the tournaments that interest them and they want to support to their Face Book, Twitter, Google+ and so on friends. So even if someone has never heard of 18for4 and knows about us, the word about an upcoming event will not go unnoticed. We hope golfers will follow these links back to tournaments to find out all the details of an event, sign up and participate, and share the listing again.

This beers repeating, 18for4 is a FREE public service. We realize that the word FREE on the internet means something else and free sites always have some kind of gimmick or premium service they charge for. This is not the case with 18for4. We love the game of golf and we love giving back to the community. This is our way of “Giving Back” and we know there are other golfers out there who share our same passions.

I hope you will share this Blog to your social networks and hope to see you on the golf course soon.

Thank you

Darren McKnight

President 18for4.com

Giving Tournament Sponsors the Return on Investment

04 December, 10:00, by admin

As many tournament organizers are aware, getting businesses both large and small to sponsor a charity golf tournament can be difficult.  With today’s economy, many sponsors are holding back their donation dollars; along with quite a few charities reaching out to these companies the competition is fierce for donations.

But there are still dollars available and many charities have figured out how to get these dollars successfully, but how?  Businesses of all sizes are looking for ROI (return on investment).  Yes they receive valuable community accolades but it does boil down to what their return is.

So how do you justify a return to sell the businesses?

Here are a few tips to creating a valuable sponsorship package to help get dollars:

1.    Put the company name in the event title
As you do much of your outside marketing both in traditional media and web media, having the company name in the title of the tournament will greatly enhance the company’s exposure.  For example, instead of the charity tournament being called “10th Annual Charity Golf Tournament”, for the premier sponsor the tournament could  be called “Company Invitational Charity Golf Tournament”.

2.    Give them a table display at your tournament
Allow sponsors to put up a booth or table at the charity golf tournament, preferably where the golfers check-in.  The sponsors will be able to give out free promotional products and/or information to the golfers as they check-in to the tournament.

3.    Put the company logo on all merchandise
Most charity golf tournaments give polo shirts to the golfers along with gift bags with a variety of promotional material.  Offer the company’s the chance to put their logo on all the marketing material that you plan on giving out at tournaments.

4.    Let company representatives play with customers
Offering a free foursome to the sponsor will allow them to not only enjoy a round of golf, but will give them the ability to offer current customers or potential customers a round of golf with key company representatives.  A day on the golf course is a great chance to build key business relationships!

Here are just a few more quick options to entice businesses to sponsor:

•    Put a logo of the sponsor on your website and link it to their website
•    Hand out brochures or coupons from the company at the charity golf tournament
•    Split the cost of advertising in the media with the sponsor
•    Promote the business on popular social media outlets Facebook and Twitter
•    Email blasts to your database noting the key sponsors
If you have any ideas that have helped your charity golf tournament successfully pitch sponsors or have any questions, please reach out to us!

Happy Golfing from the 18for4 Team!

New partnership supporting the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

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18for4.com recently partnered with the DriveHard fund raising project in an ongoing effort to help fight Alzheimer’s. DriveHard has a primary focus of engaging the golf community, through the
sale of their golf wristbands, in order to raise awareness and funds for Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. Through its industry partnerships within the golfing community in the United States, Canada and beyond, the DriveHard Campaign is working to become a globally recognized symbol in the fight against Alzheimer's. The campaign is striving for a future where everyone can remember their past.

Did you know that as many as 5.3 million people in the United Sates and 500,000 Canadians are living with Alzheimer’s? These numbers continue to grow, and we need to fight for a cure. Alzheimer’s and dementia triple healthcare costs for Americans age 65 and older; the direct and indirect costs of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia to Medicare, Medicaid and businesses amount to more than $148 billion each year. These are just a few of the facts we currently face with this debilitating disease.

You can help this cause by showing your support for the DriveHard campaign and for the ongoing battle to conquer Alzheimer’s by wearing a DriveHard golf wristband. The dimpled wristband design replicates the dimples found on a golf ball; it’s not only a stylish design, but wearing one will go a long way towards creating the much needed funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s. DriveHard wristbands are available for purchase through DriveHard or from golf courses and retail locations throughout the United States and Canada. Funds raised through the sale of the wristbands go directly towards the research and development being conducted by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. If you would like to sell the DriveHard wristbands at your course or facility, or if you have additional questions regarding the project, please contact DriveHard. Together we can make a difference.

About Cure Alzheimer’s Fund
Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is a 501(c)(3) public charity. The goal of the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund (CAF) is to stop the disease before it even strikes, with early prediction and prevention. Since 2005, CAF has discovered 120 other genes that are linked with Alzheimer’s and make up the other 70 percent of those at risk. But more importantly, identifying these genes is the first step to understanding the cause of the disease before a cure can be found. Research is the only path to progress. For the past five years, CAF has focused some of the best scientific minds in the industry on fighting this disease. Their researchers are focused on cutting-edge work that is making progress in the search for a cure. They are tackling the biggest issues in Alzheimer’s disease at renowned institutions across the United States and abroad.
About DriveHard
DriveHard is a fund raising project aimed at engaging the golf industry while raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s. This is being done through the sales and distribution of their DriveHard golf wristbands.


The Wounded Marine Fund Charity Golf Tournament

Linda Gandy of www.thefairwaypartners.com posted a tournament to our site last week that got my attention, and as I started asking question, she put me in touch with the Co-Founder of the Wounded Marine Fund. Tweed Fox, father of CPL Michael FOX USMC who came back from his service a different man. I would like to share our conversation with you.

The Wounded Marine Golf tournament

October 13th at the La Costa Resort and Spa

18for4- Can You tell me a little about the Wounded Marine Fund?

Tweed- The Wounded Marine Fund aids selected Wounded Marine Amputees, returning from our War on Terror (Afghanistan/Iraq/? in the future). The Fund provides financial aid in the form of a Trust for beneficiaries, that can be drawn from throughout their lifetime or until the trust has been depleted. As long as the purpose of the purpose of the withdrawal has to do with helping the beneficiary regain his/her independence, the funds would be tax free to the beneficiary. The Fund was created during a meeting to raise funds for Cpl Michael Fox (double amputee), my son. During the meeting, he told me he didn’t need all this, referring to the fundraising goal and he would like to help some of his boys. The light went on in my head and we were off to the races.

18for4- Michael sounds like a very unselfish man with what he has sacrificed to want to help his fellow Marines.

Tweed- Michael is the first beneficiary, since we were originally doing fundraising strictly for his benefit. Now that we have become “The Wounded Marine Fund,” as the result of Michael’s wishes, we plan to add 6 more beneficiaries by the end of the year, that will share in the success of our fundraising efforts.

18for4- There are several Local celebrities playing already in the tournament, How did you get so many big names involved for your first tournament?

Tweed- I have been personal friends with Willie Buchanon for nearly 20 years. He called me when he learned of what happened to Michael and offered me his support. When I told him a couple months later that we would be putting on a Celebrity Poker Tournament and a Celebrity Golf Tournament, he told me not to worry about getting Celebrities, he would make sure I would have all that I needed.

18for4- What is the future of the Wounded Marine Fund, and how can others help support if they can’t play golf?

Tweed- Unfortunately, there seems as though there will always be a need for the kind of support “The Wounded Marine Fund” can and will be providing. Besides San Diego, we plan on opening up Chapters in Texas and Maryland. These are normally the choices given these young heroes for their Physical Therapy and the implementation of their prosthetics.

18for4- Is there anything else you would like the public to know?

Tweed- What the public doesn’t realize is just how many of these young heroes there are. They just don’t get the exposure they should be getting. More than 2,000 of these Sons and Daughters of ours have returned from Afghanistan alone, as multiple amputees. They have paid a heavy price for our freedom and deserve better. We would ask that you support our two upcoming Fundraisers.


@18for4, we hope you will all share this blog with your friends to help support this cause.

2nd Annual Cheetah Conservation Golf Tournament

Cheetah Conservation Fund CHarity Golf TournamentRecently a tournament was posted to 18for4.com that caught our eye and after disussing it with our web/blog guru, the Blog Starter, we decided to do a featured blog on the organization. Now the reason it caught our eye is that the tournament is being put on by the Cheetah Conservation Fund, and c’mon, who doesn’t like cheetahs!

Before I get into more about the Cheetah Conservation Fund, I wanted to put out the details for the golf tournament.  It sounds like it will be an amazing tournament and we highly recommend that you get a foursome to attend!

When: November 12, 2012
Where:  17166 StoneRidge Country Club Lane, Poway, CA, 92064

To learn more about the Cheetah Conservation Fund, we got in touch with Caitlin Curry who is the Golf Tournament Coordinator for the Cheetah Conservation Fund/Southern California Chapter.  She was great to meet and we appreciate her in taking the time to tell us more about this great non-profit.

18for4:  So what exactly is the Cheetah Conservation Fund?

“Founded in 1990 in Namibia by Dr. Laurie Marker, the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is an international non-profit dedicated to the development of the best practices in research, education, and land use for the conservation of cheetahs and their ecosystems, benefitting all species, including people.

The Southern California Chapter, founded in 2010, have become a strong force in furthering CCF’s mission “to be the world’s resource charged with protecting the cheetah and ultimately ensuring its future on our planet,” through local fundraising and education.   We know that our efforts half way around the world can make a huge difference!”

18for4:  How successful was last year’s charity golf tournament?

“Last year’s event was CCF’s first ever golf tournament and proved not only to be an effective fundraiser but a great venue for bringing new faces to the efforts of CCF.  This year’s players and supporters consisted of both cheetah conservation veterans and those new to the plight of the cheetah.  It was our chapter’s biggest event to date and we couldn’t have done it without the generous support of our members, old and new.  Last year’s tournament was a real success and we hope to see lots of new faces next year at our second annual golf tournament!”

18for4:  If you can’t make the tournament, how else can you support the Cheetah Conservation Fund?

“If you can’t make it to the tournament you can help by making a donation through our website, CCFSanDiego.weebly.com, just click on the link on the homepage that says “donate”.  On our website, you can also find out about our many other educational and fundraising events we host throughout the year.  You can also help by making a donation, or sponsoring a cheetah or Anatolian shepherd through Cheetah.org, or taking a trip to visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, Africa.  It would be trip you’d never forget!”

18for4:  How large is the organization?

“CCF has chapters in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan and followers worldwide!  Go to Cheetah.org to find out more.”

18for4:  Anything else you’d like the public to know?

International Cheetah Day is December 4th.  We will be hosting dinner at the Elephant Bar in Rancho Bernardo, Torrance, Palm Desert to celebrate.  Download a flyer from our website and give it to your server and 20% of your bill will go back to helping save the cheetah!”

18for4 highly recommends attending this golf tournament and we wish them the best of luck!

Happy Golfing!

The 18for4 Team

Are Your Golfers Entertained?

29 August, 15:05, by admin

Phew!! We apologize its been so long since we last entered a blog!  Things have been hectic in the summer months!

Nevertheless, we have played in a few local charity golf tournaments over the last few months and got to discussing whether the entertainment value of the tournament was worthwhile or not.  Some tournaments were an absolute blast and others were just ok.  But the one’s that were a blast we’re already prepared to sign-up for again!

Here are the list of items in order that we have found to be the most fun:

1.  Themed Golf Tournament:  While golf attire is usually standard quo at most tournaments, there is nothing more entertaining than dressing up in some fun clothes or costumes and having an entertaining round of golf!  Not only is it a change in the standard golf game, but the laughs and pictures that came with an awesome theme will give your charity golf tournament an edge in future tournaments.  In one case,I got word of a golf tournament that was Star Wars themed, while I can’t imagine dressing up and golfing in a theme such as this, it would have been an awesome experience to see!  Here are just a few themes to lighten the mood:  Hawaiian Theme, Prepster Theme, Beach Theme, Rockstar Theme, Sports Jersey Theme.   Think outside the box and it could give your tournament an edge in creating a fun experience that others will want to be a part of next year!

2.  Music:  Now golf has often been considered the gentleman’s sport, you must be deadly silent while someone shoots!  But it doesn’t have to be this way!  Having live entertainment on the course can create a fun environment and lively experience.  Perhaps you have a few DJs spread out throughout the course providing live entertainment, or you have a local band or singer provide a show at the end of the day (or at the banquet).  This is far different than the usual after the tournament banquet with a speaker just simply saying thanks and we hope you had fun.

3.  Local Celebrities:  In any part of the country there are local celebrities that people just love being around.  Often tournament directors are nervous to reach out to these various people simply because they think they will cost loads of money for an appearance.  You never know unless you ask!  We’ve found that here in San Diego, for example, that local celebrities would be more than happy to show up and visit with the golfers.  Usually they love the fact that they get a free round of golf with their friends!  I’ve seen and met a wide variety of ex-pro football and baseball players that have cemented themselves in the local community’s memory.  Other types of well known people to invite could be newscasters, popular business professionals, local politicians, or even chefs (just to name a few).

4.  Photographer / Videographer:  Moving along with point #3 above, having a photographer and videographer at the event to capture the event is entertaining.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the opportunity to take a picture and didn’t have a camera anywhere around.  When golfers know that they will be able to have pictures and videos of the event afterwards, they will share these memories on popular social media outlets that will only increase your exposure!  Be careful! If you do bring a photographer, make sure that the pictures are posted up in a timely manner and that golfers know where they can find them.  Example:  I got a picture with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at a charity tournament, and after bragging to my friends about it and searching for the picture for months, no one believes me now!  The charity said they never received the pictures from the photographer, what a waste for the entire tournament!

5.  Promos on the Holes:  While its nothing new to have promotional companies on various holes promoting liquor, cigars, music, restaurants, etc, let the promo companies know that they can put up games for the golfers to win various items!

Here are just a few more ideas to make your tournament entertaining:

  • Magicians
  • Long Drive Specialists
  • Chances to Win Lots of Prizes

To wrap up, don’t just have another tournament that goes through the motions.  Create an entertaining experience and we can guarantee that you will already have golfers ready to sign up for next year’s event!

Happy Golfing from the 18for4 Team


17 July, 17:25, by admin

Sharp Charity Golf TournamentWe received the following new tournament press release today!  Check it out!

Coronado, CA (July 6, 2012) –Coronado Hospital Foundation, a non-profit organization, is seeking players, sponsors and in-kind donations for its 2nd Annual Golf Tournament, which will take place Thursday, August 2 at the picturesque Sea ‘n Air Golf Course on North Island. Registration opens at 11a.m.

“Golfers can have fun playing a round a golf and also raise funds to support Sharp Coronado Hospital,” said Mark Tamsen, MD, who is co-chairing the event with his wife, Ory “Many people can only access North Island for this tournament, so it’s the perfect way to experience an exclusive course.”

There are many ways to participate in this year’s event. Individual player spots are $250, and there are a variety of sponsorship packages available as well.  New this year is an opportunity to provide a local veteran the opportunity to play through a Wounded Warrior sponsorship. This $1,000 package includes tickets for two Wounded Warrior players, tee prizes, day-of-event golf clubs and a sleeve of golf balls provided by Sea ‘n Air Pro Shop. Players and their guests will be invited to the social hour and the buffet dinner.  All sponsors will be recognized at the event and in the tournament program.

Proceeds from the tournament will benefit the hospital’s new Healthy Living Center, a state-of-the-art wellness facility that will feature modern fitness equipment, new space for massage, acupuncture and other integrative therapies, and a safe, supportive environment for exercise.

The tournament is a shotgun start with a four-player scramble format. Participants can enjoy 18 holes of golf, lunch, a putting contest, a buffet dinner and a silent auction. 

Happy Golfing from the 18for4 Team!